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Do you translate everything? Why not?

No, I do not translate documents in domains that do not fall within my specialities: medicine, health care, and food innovation. Translating in any field is counter-productive, time-consumming, and inefficient.

I translate only into French, my native language. Since French is the language I have been educated in, it is also the language of the country I have been bred I have an intimate knowledge of the linguistic, the grammar and the culture.

Are you ISO17100:2015?

No! Such standards are dedicated to large companies belonging to the translation industry. They are located worldwide, hire a flock of translators-reviewers-editers-proofreaders-controllers.they argue that compelling to the rules of the translation industry standards is guarantees quality, fast-delivering and authentic quality.

I am a human resources, that means that I have choosen to build direct relationships with my clients. As a result we communicate more easily, I can ask questions directly and read the answers personnally for the safe progression of the translation project. The proofreaders I collaborate with are colleagues who hold competencies, skills, and knowledges in languages and in the domain of the material to be translated. Moreover I can guarantee that the target language, French, is their native language!

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How does a translation service work?

When the project is carefully dealt with at the beginning things go smoothly as follows:

  1. You send me your document(s) written in English, along with this quick questionnaire, which will allow me to grasp your needs and expectations. If necessary, I’ll be in touch to discuss the project with you.
  2. Once I’ve examined your request, I’ll send you a quotation, including an analysis of the document to be translated and the timescale or delivery plan.
  3. To guarantee the quality of the service, we are likely to discuss certain points in the course of the translation and proofreading process.
  4. You will receive the document translated into French on the date agreed; I always meet deadlines. On reception of the translated text, you will be in a position to use it as per your communication plan.
What is a CAT tool? Do you use one? What is the difference with machine translation?

CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation, this tool is a software (cloud-based or not) used by translators to ensure the coherence of the translation within a project. For instance:

  1. the same terms to be use (name of a machine, a command, a function …);
  2. the abbreviations and their translation;
  3. already translated sentences/segments give hints to use the appropriate jargon/expressions to provide consistent material.

By using a CAT tool I can ensure my clients that I take care of their needs and expectations.

The primary difference between using a CAT tool and machine translating is that the CAT tool allows specific settings according to the needs of the clients. Moreover thanks to my human eyes  I can detect incoherencies and mistakes left aside by machine translation. I guarantee that I can deliver a bespoke translation.

Can you reuse former translated texts? Can you make up-dates?

Yes! To be consistent it may be highly recommended to reuse previous translated material. Here too CAT tool is a useful tool!

In the same way up-dating your brochures, leaflets and/or marketing material can be based on former translation.

Do you check machine translated texts?

No! You might think that checking a machine translated text is an easier and faster task than translating it. It is wrong! This step is called post-editing. It requires much more time since machine translation are issued automatically without any culture background, nor style consideration. Post-editing is time-consumming, post-editing is costly!





Why should you hire me? Are my rates higher than those of large agencies?

If you have read the FAQ you understand that translation is my passion and serving my clients my mission! My rates will allow me to do a living and run my translation business.

My prices are set according to the needs of the client, the type of file, the delivery requirements …  Regarding proofreading tasks I collaborate with one proofreader per project.The target language is his/her native language and he/his is specialising in the domain of the translation project

My FAQ is to show you that I will take care of your translation project to help you target your aims with genuine, authentic, and culture-adjusted translations. I share my passion for translation in my blog
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