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About Françoise

About Cortextuel Françoise L'Heveder

Françoise L’Héveder

A bilingual background

In my bilingual, extended family, some spoke French, while others expressed themselves in Breton (the regional language spoken in Brittany in western France). Day in, day out, my head was filled with the images, emotions and sounds of two distinct (and very different) languages. Indeed, it is precisely because I understood at a very young age that ‘to translate’ is to render one person’s  message understandable, useful and effective to another person, that I chose to become a translator. I place my linguistic knowledge and skills in both English and French at the disposal of your company – as well as my intimate, native understanding of French culture. Your products and services are in expert hands, ready to meet customers on the French-speaking market.

A background in trading

Growing up among the foodstuffs (imported from all over the world) that filled the family warehouse was a window that was wide open.

Peppercorns, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices, burlap sacks filled with green, then roasted coffee beans, teas to make travel beckon, jams made with exotic fruits, and so much more. Countless times, I would read and re-read the labels, the names of the countries and towns the goods came from. I was fascinated by the words I didn’t even know how to pronounce, yet whose meaning I avidly sought out. So much curiosity and such a wealth of inspiration nourished my desire to introduce people to these new products and areas of know-how. As a translator, my job is to facilitate the meeting of offer and demand: yours written in English, and that of your prospect, who will read it in authentic French.

For effective communication

My dual culture has made me particularly aware of the needs of both those who seek to communicate, and those who seek to understand. Understanding the message of my English-speaking customers – as well as their expectation that I will make that message both visible and legible to the target customer who will read the communication in French. The effectiveness of the translated message governs the impact it has on the reader. In fact, the translation of a newsletter, website, administrative form or set of instructions calls for an extensive range of professional writing skills. I will help you make all your documents understandable, taking note of the nature and format of the document, as well as who the target reader is. Your communication translated into French is effective, and your customers and prospects understand your message!

“Il  est parfois nécessaire de modifier des termes ou des expressions écrits dans la version anglaise pour les rendre aussi expressifs  en français. Bien entendu, c’est mon rôle de vous conseiller et de vous proposer  des choix, ensuite c’est en commun que nous décidons de la version finale.”