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Hello and welcome to CORTEXTUEL-translation partner. This blog is dedicated to businesses in the sector of medicine, health, food and drinks, who want to start and enhance their position on the French market.

I am Françoise L’HEVEDER, freelance translator, translating from English into French and I am running this blog. Translation is not the only topic I want to share with you, I will also share data on hot topics in my specialties (medicine, health, food and drinks) that are debated or published in the media in France and/or globally. The themes that will be dealt with are expected to be helpful tips, pieces of information to help small and middle-sized enterprises to prospect and develop worldwide. Translation and global activities go hand in hand.

I’d be very pleased to let you read about Labelling and colors labels, trick in translation, health claims and what the consumers are expecting, and important events in your sector and in the translation sector, too. Let alone CORTEXTUEL-translation minded latest news

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