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Paying for translation is a strategic language choice

In this article I help you undertand the consequences of your strategic language choice. On one side you can use machines to translate your documentation. On the other hand you can hire a human brain. Once you are well aware of the sort of target text you are ready to get both translation systems –artificial and human – , can develop side by side.

Creativity, analysis, and accuracy are the ingredients of a human translation.

Paying for translation is a strategic language choice

In this article I help you understand the consequences of your strategic language choice. On one side you can use machines to translate your documentation. On the other hand you can hire a human brain. Once you are well aware of the sort of target text you are ready to get both translation systems –artificial and human –, can develop side by side.

Creativity, analysis, and accuracy are the ingredient of a human translation.

Saving time, saving money, and massive translation process are the arguments in favor of the machine translation tools. Accuracy, consistency, and smart translation belong to human translation.

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The cost of translation is a communication investment. Source

Is free the right choice?

SMEs have to make strategic language choice when considering their translation partner. Think about the risks for your business! Let us consider free machine translation system. Imagine that you are not pleased with the text provided by a machine translation tool. Will you have a second try? In a worse case imagine that sad and dramatic outcomes have occurred due to free translation sent by the manufacturer to the end user. Who is to be blamed? Should you run a free machine to translate a document, at least be sure that the automatic translated version is correct.

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Is the service free of charges?

What about hidden fees? No economy can survive with free goods and services. At one time or another you have to pay. Indeed fares can be hidden. Concerning translation activity, the user of machine translation may have to pay some fees to use the tool. For instance the first 500 source sentences are translated for free, and then registration fees are mandatory to continue to use the service. Of course you can buy a package allowing access to neural machine tools.

Human interactions

When you pay for a translation project it means that you, as a business owner, will interact with the translator or the translation agency you hire. Freelancers and translation agencies are businesses, too. Your satisfaction is their best success. They will take care of your project. On the contrary a machine translator has no feeling; as a result it will not get any satisfaction.

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Human translation partner

As a human translator I am not to blame you because you prefer hiring the services of a free and automatic competitor 😉 You run your business along with your vision, right?

What can a translator do for your business?

Translation at text level

Client-oriented analysis

Translators are using software to manage your translation projects. These machines called CAT tools -Computer Assisted Translation- combined with the translator’s skills can provide SMEs with consistent translation over time. The translator is not short-sighted. On the contrary he knows that the translation he is about to deliver today is part of long term marketing plan. Therefore he will pay the upmost attention to your communication (jargon, specific terms, fluency, etc.).

Using translation memories to reuse previous translation jobs

No doubt that using translation assisted tools to translate documents with repeated segments due to the standardization is a tremendously time-saving option. Then the next steps is to have the text corrected and revised to make sure that every target segment is complete, readable, and without mistakes.  Concerning standardized documents, the translation tasks are performed with the help of translation memories (TM). They are being fed with previous translations, and updated over time.

What does a text consist of?

I am not going to deal with translation studies per se. However a text is a series of words organized to form sentences that convey meanings and ideas. Then ideas spread over paragraphs. The whole body is a text with an intended message.

Can a machine analyze a text thoroughly?

Two people writing on the same topic will not write the same way. As a result the final texts will not mirror each other. Terms and linking words, for instance, will change. Moreover writing habits, preferred words are a writer’s signature. The source text to be translated is a mix of various parameters, including psychological features. Can a machine analyze such features? Can a machine render the intricacies of a word? Can a machine avoid false friends or make the proper shift to translate idioms? Up to now AI is still facing some difficulties in such core fields as meaning and experience.

Artificial intelligence

Yet in the age of automatization individuals and organizations are getting used to having tools at hand’s reach. As a result they want the final products on the go. Nowadays few people are ready for waiting time.

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Time saving tools

Automatic translation can be the right answer in terms of time for the translated text appears on the screen within some minutes. However as an entrepreneur you should think: Is this machine translated document ready for use? The answer is linked to your strategic language option. In fact it depends on what you are looking for: what is the text about? does the translation seem fine enough to be shared?

Mass translation

Machines are learning quickly; as a consequence they answer all the more quickly than we as internet users share news, post articles, react and read on our screens.

Businesses that intent to connect globally can take advantage of the mass of data travelling daily in the air. Since AI machines are fed with our own usage of the Internet, they pile up thousands of data and rearrange them to answer our request. The same applies to automatic translation services. The problem is that automatic translation is a mix of millions of translated documents driven from millions of sources. As a result the translated text is an artificial construction of sentences. There is very little consideration regarding the context.

Who will win the race?

Creativity skills

Nuances as well cultural references can be hard to deal with for a machine translation tool! Human intelligence is smart to detect such difficulties. The same applies when it comes to creativity. In this case the task is called transcreation . Ads, names, as well as word game fall within the scope of transcreation.

Skillful analysis is a must, because direct translation without the filter of the conceptualization can harm a business. Deep learning is based on statistics. To read more about the machine learning click here.

Analysis skills

In fact since the source message has not been produced by machine, it deserves a smart processing. This is exactly the kind of job that a human translator can perform. Of course such a processing requires more time: human brain does not analyze as quickly as an artificial one.


Progress can be defined as an improvement in the well-being of human beings.

The Meaning of Progress

Progress is widely the result of people’s efforts to ease their tasks and duties. For ages men and women have been trying to mitigate hard, painful, dangerous, and dull jobs. Translating hours long the repeating sentences can really be boring. Translation aided by computer is welcome in such cases.

Add further checking steps

Will you ask a machine to check the quality of a machine translated document? Since translators belong to the kind of people who doubt, they can read sentences over and over again to be sure they understand the core of your message. They will make your document fluent, accurate, and vivid in the target language. Moreover they double-check their work. Within the translation procedure at least a second eye is required. Quality is not a ready-to-go concept.

What about you?

Are you proud of your business? Did you work hard to develop your products/solutions? How many people have been working with you? Did you and your team rely on machine neural systems to create your marketing messages, and the description of your services/products?

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Creativity v/s mass translation

Concerning myself I am proud of my translation business. My mission is to help SME’s involved in medicine, health, and the food industry to get the most from their efforts to land on the French market.

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France is your next market!

I am aware that your success relies on two key ingredients:

  • monitoring your French target market, and
  • increasing your visibility with sound, fluent, and accurate messages in French.

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