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Since the food sector falls in my areas of translation specialities, I am sharing my experiences when attending major international food trade shows as a translator.


In this article you will understand the benefits of a long-standing relationship with your translator. Before you attend the international food trade shows, your translator can provide authentic, culture-adjusted, and grammar-free translated material. Visitors will then get leaflets in their native language and keep them to read when they are back in their office. As a result you make them feel more confortable and they are more likely to remember your kind welcome at your booth. They are more likely to contact. At this stage your translator can help you with translted emails, newsletters or any other commercial/technical literature.

Many companies and organizations are rewarded for their envirionmental actions, their innovations, their products and services. In this article one exhibition has a special mention since it is a crucial event in France, the Salon International de l’Agriculture (SIA).


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Compassion in World Farming (founded by a British farmer in 1967) launched their Good Farming Animal Welfare Awards in 2007. Manufacturers involved in Egg, Chicken, Dairy, Pig and Rabbit sectors are annually awarded. In 2016 two new categories have been added: Food service and Manufacturing. Sixteen companies and university were awarded last June in Berlin. 2018 Winners

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Last November during a cross-sector event, gathering companies and organizations from the food and drink industry, retailers, foodservice providers and public authorities,  the Labyrinth Holistic Café,  based in Stockon on Tees (UK), received the 2016 FreeFrom Eating out Awards.

When food bussinesses attend international food trade exhibitions, and are about to land on the French market, they should consider having brochures or leaflets translated into French. In this way they show that they care their prospects and clients. Speaking French is getting one step ahead!

SIAL Paris

Every two year companies are awarded by the SIAL Innovation Awards. ‘A total of 2,188 products were submitted for this year’s contest, from 942 companies, with 600 of those products going through to the judging process, which took place in Paris in September’ reported ESM Magazine.

The following four companies won in 2016, three of which are French manufacturers.

Who will be the 2018 winners? This year the exhibition will take place 21-25th october. SIAL 2018


Companies involved in nutraceutics are rewarded in Geneva every year during Vitafoods Europe. During this trade show 13 businesses concerned with ‘true innovation and cutting edge research in health foods, supplements and nutrition’ are rewarded. To see 2018 winners

Special Mention French Event

Salon de l’agriculture (SIA) Paris

SIA 2018_Salon de l'agriculture

SIA 2018_Salon de l’agriculture_édition 2018

This is an international agricultural  show (first show in 1843) including a general agricultural competition with four sections.

Yet French agriculture exhibition is an annual event gathering profesionnals from the whole country, it belongs to the international food trade shows, too. On the same time it is a grand public event: parents and children visit the Salon de l’Agriculture day long. Moreover French politicians as well as ministers would take their part, too! See President Macron at the SIA 2018.

One of the major annual event taking place in Paris is the Salon de l’agriculture (International Agricultural Show and General Agricultural Competition) with four sections. Tremendous ranges of products, livestock, and processed foods are exhibited. The winners (ox, veal, cow, horse, sheep, pork, chicken,…) of the Concours Général, founded in 1870,  are portrayed on TV and media.  Wines, champagnes, pâtés, olive oil, rillettes and magrets are honored too, and producers receiving the medal can expect increased renown and revenues in the following months and years.To see the heaviest ox, whose name is Fêtard (SIAL 2016), click here

Concours general agricole

Translation services require long-standing relationship

If the propects you met at the international food trade show can read your leaflets in his native language, they are more likely to contact and follow-up. Moreover you may require translation services to deal with the after-exhibition stage: to thank your visitors for the visit at your booth, to inform that you have special offers, … In the e-book you will discover 5 worst-case scenarios scenarios regarding translation service.

Translation: 5 worst-case scenarios to avoid

Translation: 5 worst-case scenarios to avoid

Since curiosity in one of my talents, since I am a translator I help English speaking SMEs involved in Food Innovation to lift their products and services into the jet strem to France! Want to learn more? Contact me

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