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How to overcome the language barrier to increase non-English-speaking customers’ engagement?

Because they don’t read your language, because they are buying from abroad, customers face the language barrier and may feel uncomfortable. This post will give you an insight of the power of translation services for B2C SMEs.

Overcoming the language barrier

Translation for b2c online businessENGLISH-FRENCH TRANSLATION (language speech bubbles balloons)

Speaking the language of your e-clients to overcome the linguistic barrier

You have been striving at gaining new clients in French-speaking countries since months or years; alas your sales on the French market are still staggering, if any. A recent article published by the Independent.ie stressed that ‘poor languages skills’ are one characteristic of English-speaking businesses. This can explain their relatively slow impact in France for example.

You have invested time and money to make your packaging look trendy, your solution easier to handle, but no encouraging ROI ahead!

SMEs involved in B2C are facing a specific hint when starting to sell to non-English-speaking audience. For they often overlook one WONDER INGREDIENT in their communication strategy: translation! Indeed with translated product description you are sure to bridge the linguistic gap. Be sure that translation services are part of any successull global strategy.

You may think that these are extra costs; that only large global companies can afford translation services. You’re WRONG. The more visible you are on your target markets, the more customers’ engagement you will gain.

When your keywords are translated into French, you are more likely to appear on the top of the list.

Requesting Google



Our new solutions Pass-Express and Pass-Communication will help you overcome the linguistic barrier, since you will be able to provide your web-visitors with translated product descriptions

Make your online prospect comfortable, bridge the language gap!

Linguistic barrier overcome when shopping online

Shopping online is pleasant when the linguistic barrier can be overcome.

Imagine how delighted your online prospects are when they can read in their own language? This means no confusion, no stress, and no tiring efforts to identify terms or measures or abbreviations. Figuring out the size of a package in inches is really tricky, if your references are in cm, isn’t it? The right marketing strategy is make your visitors feel confortable when they navigate on your website.

How can you boost your customers’ engagement, then? Overcoming the linguistic barrier means that you are able to provide your visitors with translated pages. I can guarantee that with clear and culture-adjusted translation you are more likely to gain more clients because they feel you care them. No need to add that a satisfied client is more likely to be a returned customer. In fact to “truly maximise the eurozone opportunity, we believe that Irish business leaders need to embed second and third languages in their companies“, Leo McAdams explains. Not only Irish ones are concerned, but English-speaking companies are concerned.

Did you know that a professional translator will convert once, pounds into the cm or gr system? Abbreviations will be localized too; even your phone number will be typed to help prospects call from France.

As a translator my job is to make your company visible, and your products/services/solutions attractive to French-speaking public. When the non-English speaking prospects can understand the benefits, they tend to trust the company’s communication. Your brand is well perceived and you increase your reputation. Hurrah!

Any €, £ or $ spent on translation services means more sales and a better image.

Want to learn more about our translation solutions? I will help you build your online visibility on the French-speaking market. Feel free to contact to explain your needs and expectations Click here

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