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PassPort Web

Presentation of the PassPort Web Package

Presentation of the PassPort Web Package

This package allows you to become visible on the French-speaking market by making your website accessible to prospects and customers.

You will be communicating directly with the French market: your mission and your story will be easily understood. Your products are shown in detail, and your terms and conditions, as well as delivery information, are legible.

How to proceed:


Send me your document along with this quick questionnaire which will allow me to understand your needs and expectations. I will be in touch so that we can discuss the project together.


You send me the files you want to translate.


Once I’ve examined your request, I’ll send you a quotation, including an analysis of the document to be translated and the timescale or delivery plan.


To guarantee the quality of the service, we will exchange ideas in the course of the translation and proofreading process.


Prior to delivery of the complete site, I will provide you with sample text enabling us to check terminology and fluency.


The communication you direct towards your French-speaking customers and prospects must be fit for purpose. I can offer you guidance and support in the ‘French’ aspect of your communication: I will advise you and suggest ways of making your message clearly legible to its target audience. My proofreader also participates in the localization process (translation of a website). ). You will discover the value of editorial support to the professional translator, by reading the ebook on offer with the PassPort Web Package.  It is sometimes necessary to modify certain written terms and expressions found in the English version, to make them equally expressive in French.

This package includes the creation and management of your own translation memory and glossary – dedicated to your company. For an idea of cost, please click here