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Stop Scamming

Beware scammers are next door!

Scamming in the Translation sector! Scammers are next door …

On their website ‘Translator Scammers Directory‘ have been listing scammers since 2013, Slator reports. At the time I am writing the article, over 5050 scammers are listed! Scamming is a big issue.

Right now, you can read the names used by scammers, their email, and the name of our unfortunate scammed colleagues worldwide.

As you probably know, Proz is also offering a notification service to share scamming attempt. No need to be a paid user to get the notification. Trust me, by subscribing to the service will prevent you from uneasy moments.

An ordinary scam affair

I once had a bad experience, when I was ordered a wonderful project -too good to be true in fact. I soon realized that something did not sound clear, and I was right. I received a check with a large amount, much higher than the advance payment. What a surprise, when a) I read that the drawee was a company located in my region in France, b) the bank was a French one (they have an office close to my house), although the client was in a foreign country. Moreover the signature did not correspond with his name. The bank agency confirmed the French company reported they were stolen check books some months ago. This was an ordinary scam affair! Immediately I emailed the ‘client’ that I wanted to stop the project. Then, the scammer began sending threatening emails. This stage was really difficult, I felt vulnerable.

Dear colleagues do not hesitate to share scamming notifications in your professional groups. Being scammed is not a shame!

I wish you a New Year filled with prosperity, joy, and contentment!

Françoise L’HEVEDER, Freelance translator at CORTEXTUEL translation-minded


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