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France is a gigantic market and you really have to commit resources to it. You can’t just dip your toes in and expect to be successful. The language is hugely important.

Le marché français

France is your next market!

Objective France: cultural investment is king!

If you’re hesitating to invest in French-language communication, here’s some food for thought: you’ll improve your visibility, reach your target clientele, and promote your brand image.

Perhaps, over the past few months, you’ve been receiving requests for information from French businesses or consumers. Perhaps you’ve exhibited at a trade show abroad, and you met some French prospects*. Statistics show a rise in visits from France. It’s good news: your products, services or solution are of interest to a market that is bigger than just your national one.

*See our recommendations in “The 3 keys to a successful international trade fair: Think translation!”

Improved visibility and the encounter with your French target clientele

Speak French to your French prospects!

Selling in France. Speak the language of your clients to gain more credibility

The translation of your site makes you directly visible and understandable to businesses in your own field of activity. The hits you gain as a result put you in a good place: you come up on the first pages!

The products listed in your catalogue, the launch of your latest range, your presence at a well-known trade show – these are your online ambassadors. Imagine how you could put them to better use abroad!

By getting your newsletter translated, you will forge stronger ties with your subscribers. As a result, your renown will extend beyond your domestic market, building loyalty among your readers by creating a virtual network of powerful communication.

Translation and promotion of brand image

Who wants to sabotage their own good name by seeing a cultural blunder go viral? Every language has its own linguistic and cultural subtleties, and far from being fixed, these evolve and adopt new codes. To keep pace with such plasticity, only human intelligence has the agility and responsiveness necessary to eliminating textual incongruities. Because the human mind is capable of analysing the essence of your message, it can transcribe your values and your mission. It can convey them beyond their original language. Better still, it knows how to reach the hearts and minds of your clientele.

The following are perfect examples of absurd situations, for more expemples click here to be avoided at all cost, if your image matters to you.

KFC's mistranslation in China

Early 80’s when opening in China, KFC’s slogan was mistranslted saying: “Eat your fingers” literal translation of “Finger Lickin’ Good”.

Mistranslation EN8FR8EN

Translation of the French mistranslation says: Stool to stop eating the puppies of dogs!


Translation matters: the Chinese example

The approach taken by China on the eve of the 2012 Olympics proves how much respect an institution or company owes its clients. France and the United Kingdom may be just a few miles or kilometres apart, but their respective languages have different roots. Over the years, linguistic borrowings between the two languages have multiplied. It remains true, however, that new acquisitions forge their own paths in the borrowing language, taking on a highly-specific meaning, or even being confined to a specific field.

The translator provides clients with an intimate knowledge of their own language because they live in that language. In so doing, he or she becomes the cultural reference for the company entrusting its communication to them. So what could be more important than placing your trust in a locally established, and culturally responsible translator?

Let’s put our heads together and talk about your international ambitions, so that you’ll be ready to communicate in the language of your future clients. Contact me by filling out this form.

I’ll help you adapt your French language communication for maximum impact.

L’Heveder, founder of Cortextuel. I am very proud to be a translator and I will help you communicate fluently with your French speaking network. Tomorrow you will be communicating clearly and effectively.


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