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Why is translation for b2c online business a core issue?

Growing a business on a foreign market means entrusting new partners, among them your translator is a key man. Buyers and sellers must understand each other. You are  b2c business, do your customers a favor, speak their native language!


Do you want to continue missing sales?

Since you are a b2c online business speaking only ONE language, you probably lose money on non-English-speaking markets

b2c online business

Missing sales = loosing money!

Customers are reluctant to buy anything online when they are not 100 % sure they understand the description of the service, your shipping process, your terms and conditions. And they are right!

Because not knowing exactly the consequences of buying online can be frightful, visitors don’t feel at ease. Of course, they may contact for more information. But they might not feel comfortable writing in English, let alone read your reply.

As a result, visitors on your online shop tend to close the window and look for another provider with pages in French.

Translation for b2c online business is the right option. In order to ensure their global presence, one of our clients decided to have their website, communication on social networks, manuals available in the language of their customers. In fact ‘translation is in our DNA’, says Suzie, CEO and owner. Today every post, article, special offer is to be read in English, French, Spanish, and German …


Do you want to continue damaging your brand?

Are you ready to entrust a machine to translate your core b22c online business message?

b2c online business

Danger! Don’t trust automatic machine translation tools!

I know that you have spent many hours building your website, plus more few hours planning your promotion campaign.

In your opinion, can an automated translation tool serve your human efforts to promote your products and services? Translation for b2c online business is a core issue. As a manager you have several options: doing the translation in-house, outsourcing, using automatic machine translation. To help you realize the consequences of your choice, read Translation: 5 worst-cases to avoid Free e-book Some examples of automatic translation should convince you that translation is not a-ready-to-serve solution.

Your brain is your best tool to develop your business. Consequently your reputation is based on your know-how, as well as your products/services, and the quality of your team. You are an expert in your domain. Everybody knows that machines have no feelings. They can repeat actions, replace one source word by the target word registred in their machine memory. They cannot wonder whether their translated term conveys the true, authentic meaning of the English souce word. For sure b2c online business MUST inspire confidence.

Now you understand why translating is not just a matter of replacing terms in one language, the source language, by the equivalent in the target language.

Have a look at some automatic translation mistakes explained in my free e-book Translation: the 5 worst scenarios to avoid!

Translation for b2c online business is a must!

When you provide your audience with translated material, you send a positive message.

Tell your clients that you care them.

Just look at the scene. You are about to receive a new client in your office. How do you behave? You shake hands, and you might try to welcome them in their native language. You want to send a positive message. Why not doing the same when doing business online with clients who are not familiar with the English language?

b2c online business

Love your e-clients!

When businesses provide their foreign e-customers with information in their native language, they are perceived as a ‘client parenting business’ because:

  • you allow them to do the less effort as possible;
  • instructions are easy to follow;
  • your products/sercvices/solutions are clearly decribed (human translator will localize measures, for ex.gr., cm., …);
  • your terms and conditions and your means of payment are easy to understand.

No need to add that a satisfied client is more likely to be a returned customer!

The Société française des traducteurs (SFT) has issued a guide dedicated to translation buyers. Do not hesitate to download this free guide.


I can help you determine your needs in order to succeed your taking-off to the French-speaking market. My job is to help you build your online visibility and make your prospects feel confident.

Tell me more about your needs and expectations, your questions about translation as a marketing tool. I am looking forward to helping you!I will help you build your online visibility on the French-speaking market



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