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The 3 keys to a successful international trade show. Think translation!

Translate to optimize your presence at an international trade show

 This year, you’ve decided to exhibit at a trade show in France. It’s a real first for you. Let me begin by congratulating you – well done!

Does your checklist include a Communication and Translation section? NO? Don’t worry, it isn’t too late, I’ll explain how you can make a success of your international trade show in 3 key stages.

Stage 1: Product range selection

Once you have chosen your flagship products for the show, check their descriptions in the main catalogue. Update these if necessary. To promote your activity more effectively, a brochure devoted to your selection of products or services is a very wise investment. In addition to a brief description of the products, you can introduce your company and include photos: of your site, of an assembly chain and most importantly, of the employees you are sending to meet your target clientele abroad.

Stage 2: Communication & Visuals

A photo builds bridges, because it humanizes the communication by putting a face to a name. As you know, names can be differently gendered in different languages and cultures. I’m sure you’ll agree that you can’t always be sure whether to write Dear Mr Durant or Dear Ms Dubois. This obstacle will be overcome as soon as a face is linked to a name, and communication will be facilitated.

Your decision to expand your market is a crucial strategic option , because it will open up fresh horizons to your company. Now that you’ve picked out your product range and identified the profile of your foreign target client. You’ve drawn up the editorial calendar announcing that you will be exhibiting at the show, and written your newsletters. You’ve systematically included a paragraph or insert showing the name, photo and contact details of your Foreign Sales Manager.

Un nom sur un visage !

Françoise L’HEVEDER, votre partenaire traduction

Stage 3: Translation to optimize your commercial investment

When a company decides to expand its market by exporting, it is addressing prospects who have another language, another culture, and other reference points.

Visitors to trade shows want to optimize the time they spend seeking out partners; your company wants optimize its investment in the show. At the event, there will be a steady stream of contacts and of requests made of you – your attention will be very much in demand. The same goes for your visitors, who will walk away with a ton of documentation and business cards. At the show, you will probably be communicating in English. What about the language of your commercial documents?

If you provide a visitor who is already interested with documentation written in their own language, you’ll be playing a trump card. When this visitor comes to complete the first post-show task – sorting through requests for further information – you will have made it so much easier for them. What’s more, it’s a great way of showing clients what your priorities are, and that your interest in them is sincere. You will gain in terms of recognition, and your image will be further improved. Lastly, the link between a face and a name allows this potential hurdle to be cleared, anchoring a person in the corresponding memory and making communication that much easier.

When you arrive at an international event equipped with translated documentation, your sales strategy looks well thought-out, open and caring.

If you are serious about building strong, respectful commercial relationships that are respectful of the culture of the people you meet, call on the expertise of a translator. This downloadable booklet will help you make the right decision.

To make sure your international communication is a good fit, culturally, get in touch by filling out this form. We shall discuss about your international ambitions and challenges

I’ll help you adapt your French-language communication for maximum impact.







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